Thursday, 30 March 2017

"Little bunny's Easter egg hunt" - the Easter story

Hello! Are you ready for Easter? I hope not! Today I've got something special for you. I'm going to use it with all my groups in kindergarten as well as with my 2nd and 3rd grades. And I'm preparing some additional materials and printables. Interested? Let's have a look.

The biggest and most important part of my Easter lessons is a story. I hope you liked my previous story - the one I wrote for St.Patrick's Day. The Easter story is similar.

The main character of the Easter story is a sweet little bunny.

He wakes up on the Easter morning and walks into the garden to look for the Easter eggs.

That's not easy! The eggs aren't in the grass or on the tree, they aren't even behind the bush!

And when the bunny finds the eggs, something bad happens... The eggs are broken!

But don't worry! The story ends  happily. :)

I received many comments on "Leprechaun, leprechaun, where is your gold" and the flaps turned out to be a great idea. However, some of you used them in a different way so this time I decided to give it a go. :) The Easter story is full of surprises! :) 

There are flaps, velcro and something very unexpected! One of the chicks is really hatching! ;) 

I hope my students (and yours!) will enjoy reading this story. :) 

To practise the vocabulary I've prepared some flashcards:

You might've noticed some special flowers in the story. I wanted to prepare a separate post about it, but then I decided to use them in the story. You can use them to revise emotions. :) There are flashcards, colouring pages and a worksheet. You can either tell your students to colour the flowers on their own and then describe their projects or (especially with younger students) tell them to "colour the happy flower red, colour the sad flower blue" etc.

That's not all, there are more surprises (and teaching resources!) coming soon. :)

Please, let me know if you like the story. :) 

Download the story and materials by clicking on the bunnies below. 

All the cliparts used in the story were drawn by me and my husband. Please, do not copy them and don't sell them. If you want to share some of the materials - please link to the blog. :) 
And if you like the story - say it! :) Or show it. ;)

P.s. Next time I'll give you lots of black&white materials, teacher-friendly. ;) Get ready to cooooopy! ;) 


  1. Kolejna urocza historyjka! Słodka grafika, te kwiatki skradły moje serce. Duży ukłon w stronę obojga autorów :-)

  2. Przecudna historia, po raz kolejny jestem zachwycona. Dzieci będą zauroczone. Bardzo dziękuję za świetną pomoc i jestem wdzięczna, że bezinteresownie dzielicie się swoją pracą.

    1. Dziękujemy za tak miłe słowa :) Mam nadzieję, że dzieciom rzeczywiście się spodoba. :)

  3. Uwielbiam czytać z moimi przedszkolakami Twoje historyjki ;) Są świetne! :)

  4. My students and I loved the one about Saint Patrick's! Where can I download the Easter one?


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