Thursday, 9 March 2017

St.Patrick's Day - free printable materials for kids' English lesson

About two weeks ago I shared my new story with you. It's "Leprechaun, leprechaun, where is your gold?". Have you seen it? Are you planning to use it during your English lessons? :) I can't wait to show this book to my students! I hope they're going to like it. Since I'm celebrating St. Patrick's Day in my schools I prepared some more materials!  

Read MORE to find out what you can get for free to use in your English classes with kids!:) 

Click the photo below to go to the story (+ flashcards!):

I'll start with something for the littlest ones: colouring pages. Do your students love colouring? They could do it during lesson while singing songs or you could give them some special "homework" after your St. Patrick's Day lesson. :) 

There's something more! If your 2nd or 3rd grade students also love colouring you can give them these colouring pages. One version is a bit simpler: kids are supposed to use colours written on particular items. To colour the othere one, students have to decide which category the word belongs to. Each category has it own colour, e.g. all elements with the name of an animal should be coloured red. 

There are 8 colouring pages to download (everything for free!)

With this "I spy..." page your students can practice their little eyes ;) and counting. 

You can also teach some vocabulary using this picture dictionary page for St.Patrick's Day. These words will be very useful if you decide to use my next materials. :) 

The last thing I've prepared for you are these "find the differences" pages.

 Look! There's one kite in the first picture but there are two kites in the second picture! 

Of course you can use just one of them and ask your students to describe it as well. :) 

Click the coin to download all the materials for free: 

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! 

Please, let me know how you like my materials. :) Are you going to use them? 


  1. świetna jest ta malowanka kategoriami! aż mi szkoda, że dla moich przedszkolaków to za trudne :/

    1. Myślałam też o wersji z numerkami/kolorowymi kropkami. Choć to nie to samo. ;) Cieszę się, że Ci się podoba. :)

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